Why LinkedIn Is Invaluable For Small Business

linkediniconI’m surprised at the number of small business owners who complain about LinkedIn. Digging a bit deeper about why, I usually learn that they have a LinkedIn account because it seems like the thing to do without really knowing the powerful tool at their disposal.

According to a Forbes op-ed piece titled Why Wall Street Likes LinkedIn More Than Facebook by Identified.com co-founder Brendan Wallace, its about the “nature of information found on each platform. When aggregated at scale (and mapped to true identities), both sets of data are easily monetizable in a number of ways. But professional data holds key characteristics that are currently making it, pound for pound, more valuable to Wall Street than social data.”

Brendan goes on to point how that LinkedIn doesn’t change at the same pace as our social lives, people on LinkedIn are more authentic and represent themselves that way, and we are all defined professionally in a fairly standard way.

In my opinion, here are motivational reasons to include LinkedIn on your plate of social media platforms:

  • 150 million users are on LinkedIn
  • Executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn
  • 2 new members join each second
  • 50% of members are key decision makers
  • In 2011, there were 4.2 billion searches on LinkedIn
  • With the fastest growing demographic being recent college grads, its a great recruiting resource

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