Combine Social Media With Online Advertising and PR to Impact Sales

tweet birdI’m all about integrating social media and public relations. That’s why I was happy to read the results from a study that asked the question, “Will consumers spend more money when they’re exposed to a brand’s message on social media?”

According to the study consumers exposed to branded social media will spend from 2 to 7 times more than consumers who didn’t encounter a brand’s message on social media. When consumers were exposed to social media and another type of media, their spending increased even more. And…combining social media with PR saw an increase of 17%.

Increasing the visibility of your brand can be done in a variety of ways. Consider the following:

1. Social media is interactive and personal. Posts made to Facebook and Twitter should be done by real people.

2. Social media combined with online advertising and internet PR can reinforce the messages you create on social media for more impact.

3. Track social media in the same way you track other media impact (surveys, loyalty programs, coupons) to evaluate sales.

4. Keep your social media posts up-to-date and fresh.

Social media is about exposure. Exclude it from your marketing strategy and you could be hurting sales.

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