Mobile Trends Impact Email Opens; Is Your Small Business Part of the Trend? Do You Need To Be?

Today Marketing Land published the article, “Report: 66 Percent of Email Opens on Mobile, Mostly iOS Devices.” The tagline to the title is “Only a third of email opens now happening on the PC.”

We’ve known mobile would overtake PC for a while. Now studies—such as the one released by Movable Ink—are reporting on those happening trends. Movable Ink’s report, called Q3 Consumer Device Preferences Report, looked at emails opened by devices used, times of day, and vertical breakdown.

The results from the Movable Ink study shows the following: 66% of emails opened on mobile device, 49% using a smartphone and 17% using a tablet.


Email Device Opens


Time of day is interesting. According to the report, smartphone email opens were consistent throughout the day, while PCs were used primarily in the morning and tablets were used during evening hours. That certainly reflects how most Americans use their technology.

What is most interesting is that emails related to financial and automotive were opened using a PC, while other categories such as retail, media and entertainment emails were primarily opened using a mobile device.

What’s the nature of your business? What device does your target audience primarily use to open your emails? Do you know? How effective are the landing pages associated with your emails? Have you updated your website to be responsive/mobile friendly?

Marketing trends are one thing; knowing your audience is another. I have one client whose customers primarily (88% of them) access his website from PCs—and if he used email marketing—would most likely open them on PCs too. However, no business should overlook the value of having a mobile friendly website and email campaigns.

Pay attention to the devices your customers and prospects use to open your email campaigns and access your website. At some point—if trends play out as expected—more mobile email opens are in the future. Perhaps, even for your business.

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