Why Not Take Your Blog To The Next Level This Year — 4 Reasons To Take Action

4 Reasons To Take Your Blog To the next level in 2015Blogging. When done well, it will serve your business well in the long term. In fact, if you give your blog the attention it needs and commit to writing and posting on a consistent basis, your customers will thank you for the valuable information.

Now is a perfect time to step up your blogging efforts. Follow in the footsteps of businesses that have obtained new customers, or patients, or students because of the engagement thru a blog (see first item on graph).

And, while many businesses agree they want to blog, very few continue posting articles. Why? Blogging is hard work. It takes constant attention, interesting topics, and valuable information. Committing to a blog, however, will most likely put you out in front of the competition (see second item on graph).

Sometimes budget can constrain you from blogging as much as 16 to 20 times (see third item on graph), but posting often will attract traffic in greater numbers than posting sporadically. Do what you can and focus on good content.

If some valuable content is good, more is better! Making a big impact takes many blog posts (see fourth item on graph). No one has said content marketing happens overnight and maintaining a good blog will take time. That’s why this is your year to dive in, make a difference in promoting your business online.

Have questions or want help getting a blog started? Contact me 612-822-2320 or elise@misakimarketing.com.


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