Facebook Owns Corner on Content Sharing—Good News For Small Businesses Ready to Dip Toes into Facebook Water

This is intersting. eMarketer came out with a report today showing that Facebook accounted for 81% of content sharing activity in Q4 2014. In fact, the report shows that Facebook has expanded its share of content sharing by 8.2% year over year.

That’s good news for small businesses wondering if having a presence on Facebook is worth it. Not only did Facebook blow the content sharing numbers out of the water, the other social media platforms pale in comparison.

accounted for 81% of content sharing activity in Q4 2014 according to eMarketerCheck out the graph to the left. No other social media platform came remotely close to Facebook’s growth. And, email did better than LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, reddit, and Twitter. Whoa.

eMarketer estimates that Facebook’s mobile phone audience is near 1 billion worldwide and sharing activity reflects mobile. In fact, Facebook accounted for 85% of mobile sharing activity among US internet users in Q4 2014; that’s up 51% year over year.

What are your thoughts on Facebook as a marketing venue? Still not sure if you want to dip your business toes in Facebook’s water? Misaki Digital Marketing can help your small business build a solid digital footprint and start raking in revenue online. Contact me today at elise@misakimarketing.com.



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