Pinterest Buyable Pins; How Bloomingdale’s Used Them This Holiday


For the second year in a row, Bloomingdales has used both Instagram and Pinterest to direct traffic toward the items they put in their December gift guide. Here’s how they do it:

  • Bloomingdales chooses to feature items that people wouldn’t normally expect to find at their store to get consumer’s attention.
  • Bloomingdales uses their Instagram account to show off the products both in posts and in paid video ads and call Instagrammers into taking action to buy the products.
  • These posts on Instagram direct traffic towards Bloomingdale’s Pinterest.
  • Users can buy their pinned products directly from Buyable Pins with one click.

PinterestCreating a Pinterest with Buyable Pins on it is an excellent strategy for small retail businesses and ecommerce retail stores to reach more shoppers because Pinterest doesn’t interfere with the sales, it just presents the option to buy a product at the exact moment the user has the urge to buy. It is a way to sell a lifestyle instead of just products by building stories around product pins, not to mention Pinterest reaches an incredibly wide audience.

How to set up Buyable Pins on Pinterest:

Pinterest works with five ecommerce platforms: Bigcommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Magneto, and Shopify. Retailers who use these sites as their ecommerce platform can sell their products directly on Pinterest through the buyable pins immediately.

Until Pinterest integrates with more platforms, they have started a waitlist for other clients interested in getting Buyable Pins to sell their products.

Contact a digital marketing specialist to set up Buyable Pins on your Pinterest page and be among the first businesses tap into the millions of Pinterest users and target today’s shoppers who find inspiration from online communities they create on Pinterest.

Natalie Kane contributed to this blog post.




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